Grants - Summary

Grant Programme From the 31st March 2017, the current grant restriction will be lifted but further curtailment may occur or we may not be able to fund all requests 100% if we receive a large amount of applications in. (1) Organisations: We offer two types of grant for organisations that are constituted. The main grant programme is up to £10k, the form and guidelines can be downloaded below. The company Directors assess these grants at their quarterly meetings. The second grant we offer organisations is our large grant application for over £10k. This amount would need prior approval from our funders before we could progress. (2) Individual : An individual can apply for a grant up to £1000 if it is for Community Use – an example of this type of grant would be - a group of people in area wished to do some flower planting around the village but were not a constituted group they could apply this way for plants without having to form an organisation. (3) Educational: An Individual can apply for a travel bursary up to £250 to help with travel costs whilst at college, university or as an apprentice – THIS IS NOT MEANS TESTED. An Individual can apply for an educational grant for equipment / books up to £500 if studying at college, university or as an apprentice – THIS GRANT IS MEANS TESTED. The company do not wish to be intrusive in families’ private affairs and therefore we gauge this on whether a family receives council tax benefit for low income. There is a limit of four applications per student.

Grant Application Dates

Submission Dates We have the following closing dates to get your applications in by ~ 14th February for the grant meeting at the end of March 2017, 16th May for the grant meeting at the end of June 2017, 15th August for the grant meeting at the end of September 2017, 31st October for the grant meeting in the middle of December 2017.

    Grant Forms