Community Trusts Apprenticeship Scheme Grants for Employers

Fort Augustus & Glenmoriston Community Company (FAGCC), Glengarry Trust and Stratherrick & Foyers Community Trust run a joint apprenticeship scheme to support young people within the three community council boundaries of Fort Augustus & Glenmoriston, Glengarry and Stratherrick & Foyers. The scheme is not intended to replace any existing schemes run by industry or through Skills Development Scotland (SDS) where support usually takes the form of course fees, costs of travel and accommodation when attending courses. The Community Trustsí support is based on a three year apprenticeship and intends to cover the majority of salary costs to the employer of an apprentice in recognition of the fact that this is often a difficult cost for a small business. FAGCC will administer the scheme on behalf of the three organisations. The panel consists of three Directors from each Community. We currently have seven Apprentices from Fort Augustus & Glenmoriston, and one from Glengarry & an additional three have completed there training. Employers - for more information on modern apprenticeships, please see ~ We were succesful in obtaining £87,250k from the SSE Sustainable Development fund for older apprentices & this has now been allocated to 4 over 19 apprentices. Please get in touch if you are someone interested in following an apprenticeship or if you are an employer that would like to take on an apprentice.